Our Story


“We saw the challenge facing many of our clients to find skilled and committed Pizzaioli, so we found a solution. With our experience, vast network, and state-of-the-art facilities, Pizza University will soon offer courses nationwide, taught by top Pizzaioli.”

Francesco Marra, Founder

Who We Are

Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center – fills the need for skilled pizza makers and professional chefs in the restaurant industry. Our immersive hands-on training focuses on both the theoretical and practical methods necessary to form the perfect dough, a sublime sauce, and crispy crust, and to identify only the best ingredients to produce the most authentic, delicious, and healthy end results.

Our Mission

At Pizza University, our mission is the cultivate a new generation of knowledgeable and skilled Pizzaioli and accomplished culinary professionals. We strive to foster a thriving ecosystem that enhances the well-being of the rapidly expanding restaurant industry and the rich world of diverse cuisine which so deeply fuels all of our passion for cooking!

What we do

  • Work towards the development of a highly-qualified and committed new generation of culinary professionals and pizzaioli.
  • Promote authentic culinary practices by introducing our students to only the best methods, ingredients, traditions and passion.
  • Strive to support the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries by producing well-trained chefs.
  • Connect well-trained chefs with thriving restaurants.
  • Providing career guidance for veterans and young adults who wish to pursue a career in pizza making and other culinary arts.
uncooked pizzas with tomato sauce getting topped with mozzarella cheese

Meet Our Team

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president of pizza university and culinary arts center Francesco marra image

Francesco Marra

Marianna Dinola pizza university image

Marianna Di Nola

Program Manager
Jill Connor marketing manager pizza university image

Jill Connor

Marketing Manager
program admin pizza university

Erin Thomas

Program Admin
Obiora Igbo pizza university social media specialist

Obiora Igbo

Social Media Specialist
Hannah Hong graphic designer pizza university

Hannah Hong

Graphic Designer
Daniel Chursin digital marketing specialist pizza university

Daniel Chursin

Digital Marketing Specialist