5-Day Full Immersion Course


This 5-day intensive hands-on class is designed to guide restaurant owners, caterers, and pizzaioli to cultivate the absolute best pizza-making practices.

This course focuses on both the theoretical techniques and practical methods necessary to form the perfect dough, a sublime sauce, an airy crust and to identify the best ingredients to produce the best result.

During this course you will learn about the use of preferments like biga and poolish. Preferments consist in a mixture of flour, water and leaving agent to add to the regular dough, in order to reduce fermentation time enhancing the digestibility and the taste of the crust. During the 5-day you will learn how to make bread with leftover dough and fried pizza.

You will receive:

  • Pizza University Certificate
  • Apron
  • 2 Chef’s Jacket
  • Swag Bag

The class will consist of both theory and hands-on guide practice.

Students standing behind chef enzo coccia intently as they watch the master pizzaiolo operate a wood-fired oven


The theoretical portion of the class aims to provide students with essential knowledge of:

  • The history of pizza and its ingredients
  • Pizza in the USA
  • Fundamentals and practice of creating artisanal pizza
  • Characteristics of the ingredients
  • Dough chemistry
  • Working with baker’s percentage
  • Equipment selection
  • Technical aspects of the main equipment and tools


This part is dedicated to the hands-on experience. You will learn:

  • Mixing the dough, understanding the perfect timing to add each ingredient
  • Cutting and shaping the dough, forming dough balls
  • Leavening of the dough
  • Stretching the dough using the proper technique
  • Preparing the ingredients (learn how mozzarella should be cut and how to make tomato sauce)
  • The difference between direct and indirect dough
  • Making the dough with a pre-ferment, such as biga and poolish
  • Using pre-ferments to enhance digestibility and flavor of the dough
  • Organizing the work bench
  • Bringing the oven to proper temperature and maintaining it during baking, resulting in a consistent final product
  • Cooking and managing the pizza in the oven
  • Managing multiple pizzas in the oven simultaneously
  • Making bread with leftover dough
  • Making a Pizza Fritta and Montanara
  • Making dessert pizzas


10:00am to 4:00pm for five (5) consecutive days

Cost: $2900