Professional Pizzaiolo Classes

Immerse yourself in the traditional and modern innovations of pizza making with our intensive, hands-on classes. With the guidance of Maestri Pizzaioli, you’ll learn the secrets of every step, from kneading the perfect dough to achieving the ideal balance of toppings.

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About Our Professional Classes

Our immersive hands-on training focuses on both the theoretical and practical methods necessary to form the perfect dough, a sublime sauce, crispy crust, and to identify the best ingredients to produce the most authentic, delicious and healthy artisan pizzas.

During our intensive classes students spend extensive time learning dough-making and stretching techniques and how to bake and manage the pizza in the oven.

At the completion of the course students are awarded a Pizza University & Culinary Arts diploma as well as 18 CEHs by the American Culinary Federation for our 3-day classes.

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Exceptional Instructors

Our professional classes are instructed by distinguished Maestri Pizzaioli and Pizza Experts, who bring a wealth of knowledge gained from decades in the pizza-making industry coupled with numerous global pizza championship awards.

Testimonials From Our Students

Lexington Vazquez
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So much in 3 days but the way things are planned it's not overwhelming. Good team to help you and super informative for anyone who wants to learn about pizza or be in the business. Staff is also amazing super helpful, very informative. Looking to be back soon!
Ralph Riley
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Amazing experience!! Everyone at Pizza University went above and beyond to make sure the atmosphere was supportive and collaborative. Jonathan Goldsmith, John Arena and Scott Wiener make a tremendous team. So glad I took the class.
Chef Tim
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Pizza University is a fabulous class for anyone who likes pizza. The expertise of the faculty coupled with real old world techniques utilizing the best ingredients and ovens make this one of the best training experiences I have been associated with. I highly recommend.
Simon Manvell
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The Pizza Business 101 is an incredible immersion into the pizza business, products, techniques and led by world class Master Pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani. The art and craft of Pizza through history, trial and error, jubilations and heartache of opening a store with real economical expectations are expertly illustrated and applied by the entire team.
A Pappas
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Really enjoyed my experience at Pizza University. It went way beyond my expectations in so far as knowledge, facilities, team and professionalism. I would highly recommend their classes especially with Master Pizzaolo Guilio Adrani.
Michael Aliberti
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What an AMAZING experience!! I feel privileged and honored to have learned from the BEST in the business, Chef Tony Gemignani. Chef Sed was an AWESOME assistant to Tony as well. Everyone at Pizza University went above and beyond to make my experience truly unforgettable. Special thanks to Marianna for all of her help and patience with me coordinating this extraordinary pizza workshop!!

Omar Saleh

“Everyone in my class came here with a passion for pizza and we are leaving with an even greater passion..”

Alan B. Hoskins

“I would recommend it to anybody who is looking to learn more about what the pizza business is like.”

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