Introductory Level Course


This 1-day intensive hands-on class is designed for experienced cooks who want to build a great foundation of knowledge and bring their pizza-making skills to the next level. This course will give you the confidence to work with baker’s percentage as well as cut, shape, and form dough balls. You’ll also learn to stretch and bake the dough, managing the pizza in the oven.

You will receive:

  • Pizza University Certificate
  • Apron
  • Chef’s Jacket
  • Swag Bag

The class will consist of both theory and hands-on guide practice.

Chef instructor stands under mirror to teach students how to properly mix dough


The goal of this part of the class is to provide the student with essential knowledge of:

  • The history of pizza and its ingredients
  • Pizza in the USA
  • Characteristics of the ingredients
  • Technical aspects of the equipment and tools
  • Working with baker’s percentage


This part is dedicated to the hands-on experience. You will learn:

  • Mixing the dough, learning the perfect timing to add each ingredient
  • Cutting and shaping the dough, forming dough balls
  • Using the proper technique to stretch the dough
  • Preparing the ingredients
  • Cooking and managing the pizza in the oven


10:00am to 4:00pm

Cost: $695

Note: Minimum of 2 participants required