20 September

5 Ways to Master Salumi

Honoring the pig and the ancient craft of charcuterie is Chef Brian’s passion. Since salumi is among the world’s most popular pizza toppings, we are excited to host him at the Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center.

12 September

What You Need to Know About Neapolitan Pizza

This October 6th-8th, VPN Americas President Peppe Miele returns to the Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center to teach his second course – recommended to any aspiring pizzaiolo who wants to learn how to make traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas for professional purposes.

30 August

U.S. Pizza Cup

We were proud to host the U.S. Pizza Team for the 7th U.S. Pizza Cup. During the event, pizza makers from across the United States vied for a chance to compete in the European Pizza Championship in London.

Chef Ali Haider, Glenn Cybulski, Noel Brohner, Francesco Marra Pizza Summit
16 August

How to Own a Pizzeria Like a Pro

Four amazing pizzeria owners and chefs came together to offer a free educational conference. The panel of experts included Executive Chef and Consultant Glenn Cybulski. Head Chef and Owner of 786 Degrees, Ali Haider, Founder of Slow Rise Pizza Co., Noel Brohner, and Co-Founder of the Pizza University, Francesco Marra. Here are some of the main takeaways…

Italian owners of Stellina Pizzeria drink wine in front of pizza in restaurant
30 May

How to Open a Pizzeria in 5 Easy Steps

One of our most recent alumni, Matteo Venini, credits the Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center for helping him and his business partner, Antonio Matarazzo, open Stellina, a new pizzeria which was recently named “One of the 15 Hottest Restaurants in DC” by Eater DC