25 September

3-Day Intensive “From Neapolitan to NY-Style: Bridging the World of Pizza from Italy to the U.S.” Class with Maestro Leo Spizzirri

Have you always wanted to learn how to make Neapolitan, Neo-Neapolitan, and NY-Style pizza from a Maestro Pizzaiolo?

During this class Maestro Leo Spizzirri will go over these three styles and students will be taken through the process of mixing dough by hand as well as using a variety of mixers to understand gluten development and the effects of different flour strengths as it corresponds to fermentation and maturation times. Pizzas will be baked in a variety of ovens so that students can experience the effects of different temperatures on different doughs while working with gas, wood, and electric.

This course will be divided into a series of interactive theory demonstrations as well as practical, hands on sessions where students are challenged to stretch dough, top the perfect pizza using a variety of imported and domestic ingredients, then working the oven to achieve the perfect bake.

Open to students of all skill levels, from home bakers to professional chefs!

13 September

3-Day Intensive “Neapolitan Pizza Practicum: Traditional Pizza Making and Wood Fired Cooking Techniques” with Maestro Giulio Adriani

Come join us for an intensive practical class where you will make, stretch, cook (and eat!) your Neapolitan pizzas…on repeat!

During this 3-day hands-on class, not only you’ll learn how to make traditional Neapolitan dough from scratch, but we’ll delve deep into the Neapolitan stretching method, also known as the slapping technique and we’ll navigate wood-fired oven operations, from temperature control to wood selection, and learn how to efficiently cook multiple pizzas simultaneously.

Would you rather use a gas-fired oven? No problem! While we prioritize the authenticity of wood-fired oven techniques, we understand that the culinary world is diverse, that’s why our curriculum accommodates gas-fired oven enthusiasts as well.

So, whether you’re a beginner keen on understanding the basics or an experienced chef looking to refine your skills, this class will meet all your traditional Neapolitan pizza-making needs.

Join us and elevate your pizza game!

07 March

3-Day Intensive “Mastering the Fire: Unlocking the Full Potential of Wood-Fired Ovens” Class with Leo Spizzirri

Welcome to our immersive three-day class designed for new pizzeria owners, at-home enthusiasts, and anyone considering the purchase of an open flame oven for home or commercial use. Dive deep into the art of crafting perfect pizzas and cooking in Wood-Fired ovens, exploring various styles and techniques that will elevate your pizza-making skills to new heights.

26 January

“Be My Valentine” Couple’s Cooking Class

Ignite your love in our kitchen for a fun, interactive Valentine’s Day cooking class with your special someone! Dive into a hands-on culinary adventure, preparing a romantic dinner together under the guidance of our expert chef, David Binkle. Create unforgettable moments with your partner, all while whipping up some delightful dishes from our specially curated Valentine’s Day menu.

12 December

3-Day Intensive “Four Signature Styles in Three Days”

In this 3-day intensive hands-on class you will learn the techniques needed to properly execute NY, Detroit, Grandma, and Sicilian style pizzas.

Pizza Chefs Leah Scurto and Laura Meyer will cover the dough-making process for both direct method and indirect method made with a poolish. You will gain hands-on experience for handling 2 different styles of pizza dough; an artisanal New York style and a higher hydration dough that is versatile for pan style pizzas.

Our instructors will discuss the cheese and sauce options to use for all 4 styles and demonstrate how to hand pull mozzarella and burrata.

20 July

Party Time…

...celebrating Our Four-Year Anniversary! Guess who just turned four! Despite the pandemic and other unforeseen obstacles, we are proud to report that we’ve awarded 300 Pizzaiolo certifications since we opened our doors. We’ve worked diligently to promote the art of …